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ICS Diamond Tools

Don’t Just Cut. Conquer.

As the world leader and pioneering force in Diamond Chain Technology, ICS concrete chainsaws and diamond chains have revolutionized concrete cutting in the construction industry. At ICS, we know you don’t have time for tools that are just “good enough”. Your tools had better not just show up, but measure up. Like you, we believe there are no substitutes for hard work and absolutely no shortcuts to getting the job done right. All our products are designed, engineered and manufactured for you to outwork your competition, outlast the toughest jobs, and outperform any challenge. Your unfair advantage is here, and it’s brought to you by ICS.

ICS Brand Products + -

ICS Brand Products

ICS concrete power cutter cutting into a concrete wall

ICS Brand Products

ICS’s growing line of industrial cutting systems includes gas, hydraulic, and pneumatic powerheads, guide bars, and our patented diamond chains for concrete, utility pipe, stone, and masonry work.

Merit Brand Products + -

Merit Brand Products

Merit Brand Products

Founded by professional concrete cutters for professional concrete cutters, Merit’s heavy-duty, high-performing floor saws are intuitive to operate and easy to maintain.

Pentruder Brand Products + -

Pentruder Brand Products

Pentruder Brand Products

Pentruder is considered the gold standard for high-frequency wall and wire saws by professional concrete cutters worldwide. ICS is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Pentruder for the Americas.

Oregon Tool 75th anniversary badge

Celebrating 75 Years of Oregon Tool

This year marks the 75th anniversary of Oregon Tool, Inc. What began in a basement with one man and his ingenious idea has grown into a proud legacy of cutting-edge products used by hardworking professionals all across the globe. We invite you to join us in the celebration. Learn more about the history of our parent company and the makings of the Oregon® brand.

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Oregon Tool 75th anniversary badge

Featured Products

701-A Pneumatic, Powerhead

701-A Pneumatic Saw. Powerhead only. Guidebars and Diamond chain available separately.

The ICS Pneumatic Saw is designed to cut through walls, floors, pipe, and columns in a single pass.

The unique versatility of a power cutter includes the ability to make deep plunge cuts, perfect corners, a single cut from one side, and an endless variety of irregular shapes.

Cut with ease, speed, and portability through reinforced concrete, brick, block, concrete pipe, ductile iron, cast iron, natural stone, and more.

3P8 HF Wire Saw

3P8 HF Wire Saw

For cuts that are too deep for wall sawing, the powerful and versatile 3P8 HF Wire Saw will cut any depth your job requires. The electric, automatic feed, and high-torque high-frequency motor simplify the start of the wire while extending its life. The 3P8’s light-weight modular component design makes set-up quick and easy. The 3P8 HF Wire Saw operates using the same Pentpak, high-frequency motor, cables, and remote control as Pentruder Wall Saw systems.

Merit Hydraulic Power Pack

Power Pack, Hydraulic, 23.5 hp, 1-14.5 gpm (variable flow control valve)

Merit gas powered power pack.
Pipe Clamp, PowerGrit® System

Pipe Clamp, PowerGrit® System

Mount to your hydraulic or pneumatic ICS power cutter with a simple adaptor.

Dramatically reduces the effort of handling the saw, while providing a solid, stable cutting platform that also improves operator safety and the precision of the cut.

Born for the Tough Stuff

If we’re not talking about getting the job done, then why are we talking? We don’t bother with any other BS. Because the only thing that matters is doing the work the right way – and we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure it’s done.

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Reduce the risk in the trench. Read the in-depth investigation of abrasive saw kickback and which tools will help you limit the risk.
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