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3P8 HF Wire Saw

Part# 597137

This product is available through our Pro User and Dealer Network.

For cuts that are too deep for wall sawing, the powerful and versatile 3P8 HF Wire Saw will cut any depth your job requires. The electric, automatic feed, and high-torque high-frequency motor simplify the start of the wire while extending its life. The 3P8’s light-weight modular component design makes set-up quick and easy. The 3P8 HF Wire Saw operates using the same Pentpak, high-frequency motor, cables, and remote control as Pentruder Wall Saw systems.

Specifications, Details & Support

Wire Saws
Drive Motor Power 400 Hz high-frequency motor
Continuous Output Power (Max) 25 hp
Storage in Rollers 252.0 in
Storage Capacity 8 feet of wire pulled in for each 1 foot travel of the carriage
Storage Capacity (Max) Maximum approximately 65’
Main Drive Pulley Diameter 20.0 in
Storage Pulleys Outer Diameter 8"
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