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Change is Good


The Oregon® PowerGrit® Utility Chain Saw is the world’s largest water company’s saw of choice when cutting pipe in the trench. Beginning in 2012 and again in 2014, several of the world’s leading water companies initiated a transition to the Oregon PowerGrit Utility Chain Saw for increased operator safety, speed and ease of use.

The Challenge

Historically, private water companies and public municipalities cut pipe with general-purpose cut-off saws. But when cutting the lower third of a pipe, this method can produce rotational kickback—a rapid reaction force created if a blade slows or stops suddenly. Because safety is a top priority for these companies, they began looking for ways to solve this problem.

The Solution

In 2012 and again in 2014 several companies began a company-wide transition to Oregon PowerGrit technology. It was an easy decision.

  • Improved safety and control
  • No rotational kickback
  • Single-side access
  • Reduced excavation

The Result

Switching to Oregon has had an overwhelmingly positive impact. Pipe-cutting operators now have more control, with safer and more comfortable positioning. And with a greater cutting depth, the lower third of a pipe is now more accessible, reducing excavation and allowing for faster main repairs. That’s good news for water companies. And even better for their customers, who’ve seen a reduction in service downtime during repairs.

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