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890/890-FL/701A Guidebar, 20 inch/50 cm

Part# 529767

This product is available through our Pro User and Dealer Network.

Discontinued - please order part number 635703 instead. 890/890-FL/701A Guidebar, 20 inch/50 cm (34 Segments)

Product Details

  • Laser cut water channels keep nose sprocket lubricated
  • Deep groove stabilizes FORCE4 chassis for straighter, cleaner cuts
  • Fits 890, 890 Flush and 701-A chainsaws. Operates FORCE4, PowerGrit and PowerGrit XL diamond chains

Specifications, Details & Support

Bar Length 20 in (50 cm)
Cutting Depth 20 in (50 cm)
Power Type Hydraulic - 890F4
Pneumatic - 701-A
Unit of Measure Each

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